Attending a World by Mary Catherine Bateson

Intention: Mary Catherine Bateson brings in the idea of women and their multifunctional role as having awareness for their husband, children, and the everyday interruptions and responsibilities of everyday life. She writes about awareness, why it matters, how to focus and concentrate it, and how to extent and preserve it.

The invention of this piece relates to the social interactions that women have everyday in having to have awareness in all aspects of their lives more than men do. Mary Bateson gives examples and situations that any women reading this piece can relate to and see the message that women can use their multi-tasking lives for further clarity of the world around them.

Mary Bateson style of writing is clear and direct in her approach to the subject of awareness. She gives short analogies and situations that connect to the everyday lives of women. She writes as to paint a picture of what a women’s position is compared to men and how the two are different. She appeals to the beliefs and values of women that they have an important role in family life that can’t be interchanged with the characteristics of men.

A quote that stuck out from the essay was,“The tasks that have tended to become exclusively male, like hunting and warfare, require sustained concentration, so men have been trained in the importance of single-mindedness, of narrowly focused attention.” Women have the ability to take care of things all at once and not one at a time. It is in the genetics of females to be able to take on multiple responsibilities and not focus on one thing to succeed. Men are usually unable to do more than one activity at a time and this is their disadvantage to women. This is why the roles of women and men are so different. It is based around the abilities of the individuals and how the minds of each are wired differently.

–Addy Nichols


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